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Category: Digital Inclusion Summit

We hosted our annual Digital Inclusion Summit on August 16, 2016. The Council’s second annual Digital Inclusion Summit: Innovating Civic Engagement – a day of panels and discussions at Civic Hall that explored the integration of tech in the engagement of New Yorkers via Participatory Budgeting, the Young Women’s Initiative and neighborhood planning, and where the Mozilla Foundation, as part of a Community Digital Learning Series with the Council, hosted a clinic on online privacy for participants who work with vulnerable communities.


Today, we convened voices from diverse communities at Civic Hall to develop best practices for the Council’s public tech initiatives at the Council’s first #Tech4All Digital Inclusion Summit.

The Summit, which took place at Civic Hall, and subsequent discussions, will inform the development of the Council’s best practices around digital inclusion, which is at the core of “Council 2.0” – a roadmap for engagement and open government,” presented in April.