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Together, we…

  • Introduce and vote on legislation (proposed laws) having to do with all aspects of City life.
  • Negotiate the City’s budget with the Mayor and approve its adoption.
  • Monitor City agencies such as the Department of Education and the NYPD to make sure they’re effectively serving New Yorkers.
  • Review land use and make decisions about the growth and development of our city.

Similar to Congress at the federal level, we are New York City’s legislative body. The Council is separate from the Mayor’s administration but an equal partner in how our City is run.

So, for example, while the Mayor has the option of vetoing legislation that we have approved, the Council can respond with a two-thirds or more vote enacting a law over the objection of the Mayor to turn a bill into a law. The Council negotiates to ensure that certain services are included in the City’s budget.


Speaker Adrienne Adam

The Speaker

The Speaker is elected by Council Members and leads us in setting priorities, passing laws, and directing public money for the benefit of New Yorkers. Currently, Speaker Adrienne Adams heads the Council.

Deputy Speaker Diana Ayala

The Deputy Speaker
Council Member Diana Ayala

Deputy Speaker Diana Ayala

The Deputy Speaker
Council Member Diana Ayala

How we work


Most of our legislative work happens in committee meetings and hearings focused on human services, infrastructure, and government affairs. These committees discuss proposed laws, receive updates from agency representatives, and hear feedback from New Yorkers like you.


Each committee is chaired by a Council Member and meets at least once every other month, except in July and August. Every Council Member is assigned — through a voting process by all Council Members to – serve on various committees and subcommittees, a committee that considers specific matters and reports back to the standing committee.


The Council also meets in caucuses, a group of Members with shared concerns, to ensure that the needs of specific communities are represented. There are currently seven caucuses: Black, Latino and Asian (BLA) Caucus; Common-Sense Caucus; Irish Caucus; Jewish Caucus; LGBTQ Caucus; Progressive Caucus; and Women’s Caucus.

Want to know more? Check out the complete rules of the Council here.
(updated 1/18/2024)


Where we meet, vote, and listen

Members have offices in each of their districts, and also a legislative office at 250 Broadway. We discuss issues in the Council side of City Hall and hold Stated Meetings, meetings held twice every month, and at Council Members’ discretion during July and August, in the Council Chambers to vote on legislation.

Hearings are generally held at City Hall or 250 Broadway. And we spend a great deal of time in each of our districts, ensuring your needs are being met and your voice is being heard.