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About Council Labs

Council Labs is a place for the City Council to test new ideas, receive feedback, make changes, and find better ways to share information with you. Council Labs is a team of designers, data analysts, videographers, developers, researchers, and social media experts who provide innovative ways for you and Council Members to understand issues facing New Yorkers.

It’s a work in progress…

We work in an agile process that allows us to develop quickly and provides us flexibility to adjust to your feedback.

We’re committed to some core principles and goals:

  • Digital Inclusion Equity and cultural competency are fundamental in informing a wider audience and engaging them in decision-making processes
  • Accessibility Council Labs will not prevent interaction with, or access to information, by people with disabilities
  • Usability Council Labs site works on various operating systems and browsers on all devices—phone, tablet, laptop, desktop…
  • State-of-the-art Council Labs site is built on a modern, actively-developed, and trusted FOSS software stack
  • Scalability Council Labs continues to function well as it grows and new features are introduced or changed
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We’re putting you first.

Our top priority is to learn from our neighbors, the residents of NYC. What do you need from a Council website? We’ll discover this by speaking directly to you, and through regular usability testing and analytics.

Have an idea? Let us know.

We’re committed to transforming the Council to be more responsive to the people it’s entrusted to serve. We’re listening to your ideas.