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Budget Explorer

Let’s face it, the New York City budget is complex. We set out to make the budget a little clearer with a new Budget Explorer for the NYC Expense Budget.

New York City’s Expense Budget determines recurring expenses and contracts, such as teachers in our schools, the electricity at local senior centers, and maintenance of city parks. READ MORE

As we continue to build our online presence, one challenge we are faced with is learning how to refine our identity and apply it cohesively to all of our work. We developed a brand guide to act as a central location where we house a live inventory of brand guidelines, assets, UI components, code snippets, developer guidelines, and more. READ MORE

New Videos

We created a new page where all of our videos live! Now you can easily find the most up to date videos created by the Council Labs team.

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Today, the City Council held its first paperless Stated full Council meeting! This pilot is meant to find ways for the Council to streamline its operations, reduce paper waste, and improve how legislation is written.

Speaker @MMViverito and Council Members go paperless at stated meeting today at City Hall. With @MicrosoftNY Surface tablets. READ MORE

This dataset comes from CouncilStat, an application used by many Council district offices to enter and track constituent issues that can range from affordable housing, to potholes and pedestrian safety.

Explore the Data

We’re committed to using data and working with civic technologists to advance policies, services and the way the Council interacts with constituents. READ MORE