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District 6

Gale A. Brewer

Hell's Kitchen, Midtown-Times Square, Upper West Side-Lincoln Square, Upper West Side (Central), Central Park

Enacted Legislation (2022-23)

  • Local Law 818 requires the department of consumer and worker protection to implement an outreach and education campaign regarding the Temporary Schedule Change Act.
  • Local Law 143 creates an informational campaign concerning workers’ rights under the Earned Safe and Sick Time Act.
  • Local Law 139 grants a one-time exception to the maximum age requirement for membership in the fire department for certain persons during the next promotional exam period.
  • Local Law 135 requires the city’s long-term sustainability planning to include the role of trees and the tree canopy.
  • Local Law 104 requires the Department of Records to post on its website biographical information pertaining to all street and park name changes.
  • Local Law 42 prohibits the sale of lithium-ion batteries assembled or reconditioned using cells removed from used batteries.
  • Local Law 38 requires the fire department to develop an informational campaign to educate the public on fire risks posed by powered mobility devices.
  • Local Law 8 requires agencies to publish guidance on responding to settlement offers, translate such guidance into the designated citywide languages, and notify settlement offer recipients about such guidance.
  • Local Law 123 requires any dealer in second-hand autoparts who purchases a catalytic converter obtain and retain information about the vehicle from which it was removed.
  • Local Law 95 adds reporting requirements regarding vacant ground floor or second floor commercial premises.