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District 6

Gale A. Brewer

Hell's Kitchen, Midtown-Times Square, Upper West Side-Lincoln Square, Upper West Side (Central), Central Park

The votes for 2024 Participatory Budgeting have been counted! Over 4,000 votes were cast online and in-person to help decide how to spend $1 million in “capital” funds—spending on long-lasting projects—in the 6th Council District. And we received more votes online than any other participating council district. I’m thrilled we’ll be funding these four winning projects:

  • Expanding Our Green Canopy: Trees and Tree Guards Various locations throughout District 6. $150,000. Trees will be planted throughout the 6th District by experienced tree growers who select specific approved species for each site— considering many factors such as tree bed type, sidewalk width, and soil. Each tree planted will also have a tree guard installed to protect it from the surrounding urban traffic. 
  • Electrical Upgrade: William Sherman (PS 87), 160 W. 78th St. btw. Columbus/Amsterdam. $250,000. This project will fund an upgrade to the electrical system at PS 87 so the school will be able to install air conditioning and keep up with the technology requirements from the Dept. of Education. 
  • Upgrade Broadway: Assess Redesign of Intersection with Pedestrian Plaza Broadway btw. W. 70th/72nd St. $200,000. This project will fund a study from the Dept. of Transportation on whether and how a pedestrian plaza could be developed in this space including improvements to the current plaza; community input will be front and center. (To be clear, this study does not include the proposed W. 71st Street e-bike charging hub.)  
  • Hydration Stations in Riverside Park, btw. W. 54th–96th St. $375,000. With this funding, five new hydration stations will be installed throughout Riverside Park (btw. W. 54th–W. 96th Streets), with water fountain and bottle refilling features—expanding fresh water access and reducing the use of single-use plastic bottles.

The projects which did not garner enough votes will be part of my agenda going forward. Thank you to all the voters and dedicated volunteers who helped us manage the PB process, and to my staffers Cynthia Hornig, Allie Stofer, and Rasa Siniakovas who coordinated it all. We hope to see you this fall when next year’s PB process starts the idea-generation phase! 

Participatory budgeting is a democratic process in which community members directly decide how to spend $1 million on capital projects. Qualifying projects must cost at least $50,000 and have a lifespan of at least 5 years. Funds for this program can be used for physical improvements that benefit the public.

You can vote online beginning 4/6 at or in person from Saturday, 4/6 through Sunday, 4/14 at these locations:

  • My District Office, 563 Columbus Ave. (10 am–5 pm Monday–Friday, 12–4 pm Sat–Sun 4/6-4/7 and 4/13-4/14)
  • St. Agnes Library, 444 Amsterdam Ave. (Monday–Saturday 12 pm–5 pm)
  • Riverside Library, 127 Amsterdam Ave. (Monday–Saturday 12 pm–5 pm)
  • Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center, 250 W. 65th St. (Monday–Friday 11 am–4 pm)

These 11 projects are on the 6th District ballot:

  1. Upgrade Broadway: Redesign of Intersection with Pedestrian Plaza Broadway btw. W. 70th–72nd St. $200,000. Assess increasing public space and pedestrian safety.
  2. Riverside Park: Outdoor Adult Fitness Area (location to be determined) $200,000. Add to existing funding to establish an accessible, outdoor adult gym to promote community health.
  3. Safety Improvements to Verdi Square Broadway btw. W. 72nd–73rd St. $200,000. Add improvements to Verdi Square, such as increased lighting.
  4. Expanding Our Green Canopy: Trees and Tree Guards Various locations throughout District 6. $150,000. Plant new street trees and install tree guards in various locations.
  5. Hydration Stations in Riverside Park Riverside Park, btw. W. 54th–96th St. $375,000. Provide water filling stations throughout Riverside Park.
  6. Bathroom Upgrades at the Delacorte Theater Delacorte Theater, Central Park at W. 80 St. $300,000. Renovate bathrooms at the Delacorte Theater, which serve as a primary restroom for park visitors.
  7. Technology Upgrade: The Mickey Mantle School (P811M) 466 West End Avenue btw. W. 82nd–83rd St. $100,000. Provide technology upgrade to support learning needs of students with an individualized education program.
  8. Upgrade Gym with Cooling System: William O’Shea School Complex (MS247, MS245 and MS44) 100 W. 77th St. between Columbus/Amsterdam. $250,000. Install air conditioning to climate control the gym, which is used by three schools, after school programs and the community.
  9. Bathroom Upgrade: Lillian Weber School of the Arts (PS84) 32 W. 92nd St. between CPW/Columbus Ave. $300,000. Renovate two student bathrooms to improve existing structures and usability.
  10. Bathroom Upgrade: The Richard Rodgers School of The Arts & Technology (PS166) 132 W. 89th St. between Columbus/Amsterdam. $300,000. Renovate two student bathrooms to improve existing structures and usability. 
  11. Electrical Upgrade: William Sherman (PS87) 160 W. 78th St. between Columbus/Amsterdam. $250,000. Upgrade electrical system so that the school can provide more technology opportunities and air conditioning for students.