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District 6

Gale A. Brewer

Hell's Kitchen, Midtown-Times Square, Upper West Side-Lincoln Square, Upper West Side (Central), Central Park

Participatory budgeting is a democratic process in which community members directly decide how to spend $1 million on capital projects. Qualifying projects must cost at least $50,000 and have a lifespan of at least 5 years. Funds for this program can be used for physical improvements that benefit the public.

You can vote online beginning 4/6 at or in person from Saturday, 4/6 through Sunday, 4/14 at these locations:

  • My District Office, 563 Columbus Ave. (10 am–5 pm Monday–Friday, 12–4 pm Sat–Sun 4/6-4/7 and 4/13-4/14)
  • St. Agnes Library, 444 Amsterdam Ave. (Monday–Saturday 12 pm–5 pm)
  • Riverside Library, 127 Amsterdam Ave. (Monday–Saturday 12 pm–5 pm)
  • Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center, 250 W. 65th St. (Monday–Friday 11 am–4 pm)

These 11 projects are on the 6th District ballot:

  1. Upgrade Broadway: Redesign of Intersection with Pedestrian Plaza Broadway btw. W. 70th–72nd St. $200,000. Assess increasing public space and pedestrian safety.
  2. Riverside Park: Outdoor Adult Fitness Area (location to be determined) $200,000. Add to existing funding to establish an accessible, outdoor adult gym to promote community health.
  3. Safety Improvements to Verdi Square Broadway btw. W. 72nd–73rd St. $200,000. Add improvements to Verdi Square, such as increased lighting.
  4. Expanding Our Green Canopy: Trees and Tree Guards Various locations throughout District 6. $150,000. Plant new street trees and install tree guards in various locations.
  5. Hydration Stations in Riverside Park Riverside Park, btw. W. 54th–96th St. $375,000. Provide water filling stations throughout Riverside Park.
  6. Bathroom Upgrades at the Delacorte Theater Delacorte Theater, Central Park at W. 80 St. $300,000. Renovate bathrooms at the Delacorte Theater, which serve as a primary restroom for park visitors.
  7. Technology Upgrade: The Mickey Mantle School (P811M) 466 West End Avenue btw. W. 82nd–83rd St. $100,000. Provide technology upgrade to support learning needs of students with an individualized education program.
  8. Upgrade Gym with Cooling System: William O’Shea School Complex (MS247, MS245 and MS44) 100 W. 77th St. between Columbus/Amsterdam. $250,000. Install air conditioning to climate control the gym, which is used by three schools, after school programs and the community.
  9. Bathroom Upgrade: Lillian Weber School of the Arts (PS84) 32 W. 92nd St. between CPW/Columbus Ave. $300,000. Renovate two student bathrooms to improve existing structures and usability.
  10. Bathroom Upgrade: The Richard Rodgers School of The Arts & Technology (PS166) 132 W. 89th St. between Columbus/Amsterdam. $300,000. Renovate two student bathrooms to improve existing structures and usability. 
  11. Electrical Upgrade: William Sherman (PS87) 160 W. 78th St. between Columbus/Amsterdam. $250,000. Upgrade electrical system so that the school can provide more technology opportunities and air conditioning for students.