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District 6

Gale A. Brewer

Hell's Kitchen, Midtown-Times Square, Upper West Side-Lincoln Square, Upper West Side (Central), Central Park

In partnership with civic technology organization, BetaNYC, we have collected data to map out where microfulfillment centers associated with venture-capital-backed rapid-delivery apps are across the City.

These centers operate as warehouses, but take up commercial storefront space.

In most cases these stores do not comply with zoning or Consumer Affairs regulations, meaning customers are not allowed inside, windows are glazed or obstructed, and they do not accept cash transactions.

Analysis found that out of 115 centers, 93 (81%) are operating outside of 16D zoning designation which permits warehouses. In December of 2021, then Borough President Gale Brewer and BetaNYC conducted a survey of Manhattan locations, identifying 25 centers. This updated survey identifies 48 in Manhattan, making it apparent that these stores continue to proliferate without apparent government action. This map could be a tool for the city to exercise oversight and enforcement.

You can see where the locations are here:

You can report locations that are not on the map here:

You can share your feedback with us on microfulfillment centers here:

July 13, 2022: Letter to Commissioner Mayuga, Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, Regarding Regulatory Enforcement

June 24, 2022: Department of Buildings Buildings Bulletin 2022-011,” Pertaining to Microfulfillment Centers

April 18, 2022 Press Release: Council Member Gale Brewer Again Calls on City Agencies to Provide Clarity on Regulation of Microfulfillment Centers

April 2022 Microfulfillment Center Survey Data (charts) Microfulfillment Center Survey Data (spreadsheet)

March 2022 Response Letter from Dept. of Buildings, Dept. of City Planning, and Dept. of Consumer and Worker Protection

March 2022 letter from Council Speaker Adrienne Adams, Council Member Gale A. Brewer, and colleagues to Commissioners expressing concerns about the proliferation of microfulfillment centers.

October 2021 Letter to City Commissioners from Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer on microfulfillment Centers