By Dean Moses, May 01, 2022

“Mayor Eric Adams, the Hotel Trades Council (HTC), and members of City Council announced Sunday that they are pushing for underused or underdeveloped hotels to be converted into affordable housing.

Standing under the beaming sun in City Hall Park flanked, the mayor declared he is backing state legislation that, if passed, would allow for the conversion of hotels that Adams believes are not best serving the community.

If passed, the state bill could potentially serve as a catalyst toward solving the city’s homelessness crisis, paving the way for the creation of supportive housing offering the undomiciled a dignified place to live, with easy access to humanitarian aid…

The legislation and Adams’ support of hotel conversions garnered praise from several public figures in attendance, including Manhattan City Council Member Gale Brewer.

“Today this is your best press conference ever, Mr. Mayor, I want you to know that it is the one that’s going to actually create housing,” Brewer said.”

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