“Yellow and blue signs, banners and homemade flags — some larger than those who held them — crowded the schoolyard at P.S. 145, the Bloomingdale School, after classes let out on March 7. They proclaimed a desire for peace, not war, and expressed solidarity with Ukraine. The young students behind the signs were hardly removed from the Russian invasion that has unfolded with shocking speed and severity abroad.

“All my family’s in Ukraine,” one student said, “and I hope the war’s going to end.”

“Even though I’m from Russia, I still stand with Ukraine,” another student told the crowd.

The Bloomingdale School, home to a Russian-language and immigrant community on the Upper West Side, welcomed Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine and Council Members Gale Brewer and Shaun Abreu on Monday to rally in support of Ukraine and its people. Across the city, New Yorkers have gathered for demonstrations since Russia began launching attacks against Ukraine two weeks ago. On the Upper West Side, school leaders and elected officials drove home the message that the conflict in Ukraine ought not to cause conflict here — and that New Yorkers, regardless of their heritage, are stronger together.”

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