By Sarah Beling

“In a zombie-like transformation, vacant NYC storefronts are reborn as stores without customers, cashiers, or clear signage. What are these places plastered with opaquely branded names like “Jokr” and…not much else? Former Manhattan Borough President and current City Council Member Gale Brewer intends to find out, as her office investigates the legality behind the recent influx of 15-minute delivery app warehouses masquerading as storefronts throughout the city…

In the end, Brewer’s biggest concern is over the lack of value said fulfillment centers bring to the local economy. “They are not a contributor to the commercial strip,” said Brewer. “They don’t interact with residents. They don’t add to the neighborhood. They add to the bottom line of Silicon Valley, VC firms, and hedge funds, and they are a real competitor to our local grocery stores and bodegas, who I love and want to succeed.”

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