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District 12

Kevin C. Riley

Wakefield, Olinville, Edenwald, Eastchester, Williamsbridge, Baychester, Co-op City

The Office of Council Member Kevin C. Riley welcomes neighbors to join us for monthly Community Conversations, creating opportunities for continued dialogue, education and engagement in the 12th Council District.

Occurring every third Wednesday of the month, Community Conversations will cover a different focus that aligns with the needs of our community. We encourage your participation and feedback on how we can continue to uplift our community together. For more information, email us at

The next Community Conversations with Council Member Kevin C. Riley will be focusing on NYC Parks in the 12th District on Wednesday, November 15, 2023.

November 2023: NYC Parks

October 2023: Storm Resiliency

October 25, 2023

September 2023: Education

September 20, 2023