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District 12

Kevin C. Riley

Williamsbridge-Olinville, Bronxwood, Eastchester-Edenwald-Baychester, Wakefield, Allerton-Parkside, Baychester, The Valley, and Co-op City

12th Council District Participatory Budgeting 2023

District 12 Community, Participatory Budgeting is back!

This year, District 12 is one of twenty-nine districts participating in Cycle 13 of New York City Council Participatory Budgeting, where constituents can decide how to spend $1 million in capital funding locally. This allocates nearly $30 million in citywide capital funding determined by residents, specifically for local improvements to schools, parks, libraries and other public spaces. PBNYC funds physical infrastructure projects that benefit the public, cost at least $50,000 and have a lifespan of at least 5 years.

Council Member Riley is the first representative in District 12 to host participatory budgeting. We are proud to be a participant in the City Council’s Participatory Budgeting Initiative, empowering our neighbors to propose and vote on projects for the district.

Contact: Deputy Chief of Staff & Budget Director Jahmal Yapp; (347) 326-8652;

Cycle 13 Online Idea Map is now live!

What is Participatory Budgeting?

Through Participatory Budgeting in New York City (PBNYC), community members — like you — directly decide how to spend at least $1,000,000 in participating Council Districts.

PBNYC funds physical infrastructure projects that benefit the public, cost at least $50,000 and have a lifespan of at least 5 years. Local improvements to schools, parks, libraries, public housing, streets and other public spaces can be funded through this process.

For more information on participatory budgeting, including how to get involved, visit

How does Participatory Budgeting work?

Idea Collection and Volunteer Recruitment

September – November

Through community meetings, residents brainstorm ideas and recruit Budget Delegates for the current cycle. Idea collection deadline is November 11, 2023.

Proposal Development

November- February

Budget Delegates transform ideas into full proposals, with support from city agencies and staff. Delegates narrow down proposals and select projects that meet the needs of the community.

GOTV and Vote Week


Once proposals have been determined, Budget Delegates and residents get out the vote and prepare for a nine day community vote.

Evaluation and Planning

May – June

Winning projects are included in New York City’s upcoming fiscal year budget. Staff and stakeholders evaluate the process and oversee the implementation of winning projects by agencies.

To learn about NYC Civic Engagement Commission’s PB process, click here.