By Ethan Geringer-Sameth, May 01, 2022 

City Council Member Gale Brewer, a Democrat and the former Manhattan Borough President, said the CEC’s mandate to provide consultants was “duplicative” of existing borough presidents’ and nonprofit efforts and worried about the potential for influence from City Hall.

“We did the MWBE directory, that’s the only thing we’ve done to date,” said Sayeed, defending the CEC’s role. “Anything we do in the future will be coordinated and non-duplicative.”

“I didn’t want you involved with the community boards, I’ll be honest, because I think it’s a conflict,” Brewer said, referring to the mayor’s ability to hire and fire CEC leadership. “I think they should be independent, not subject to anything that the mayor does.”

“You have a big staff so I’m trying to think of what more you can do,” added Brewer, who chairs the Council’s investigations and oversight committee.

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