WILLIAMSBURG, BROOKLYN — Two Queens schools, one Brooklyn school, Maria Hernandez Park Dog Run and North Brooklyn to receive a combined almost $1 million from Council Member Jennifer Gutierrez’s office to fund projects this year. 

The vote was the 7th time that the Participatory Budget (PBNYC) program has been used in District 34, which includes parts of Bushwick and Williamsburg in Brooklyn, and Ridgewood in Queens. Council member Gutierrez was a champion of Participatory Budgeting while Chief of Staff to former council member Antonio Reynoso. 

Gutierrez has led six successful cycles of Participatory Budgeting with over 8,000 residents participating and close to $6.5 million dedicated to community projects.

“I am thrilled to continue to look towards my constituents to tell me what community projects we should be dedicating funds to. I aim to make every decision alongside my constituents and participatory budgeting is an important step to empower residents to guide how we invest in our own communities,” said Council Member Gutierrez. 

“For years, dog owners and volunteers from the community have donated their time and personal funds to help care for this beloved amenity in the park, so it’s very exciting to be a step closer to making the larger repairs that the dog run very much needs,” said Participatory Budget awardee Ann Willard of Maria Hernandez Park Dog Run Pack. “As the only dog friendly area available to Bushwick and Ridgewood residents, this is a well used public space and properly renovating it will provide a long term solution to ensure the dog run can serve as the suitable and preferred place for dogs to play off leash so that Maria Hernandez Park will be safer for all to enjoy.”

Below is a list of the projects that one: 

IS77 TECHNOLOGY UPGRADES The project will fund 133 new laptops to facilitate online learning, costing $56,000.

LYONS COMMUNITY SCHOOL TECHNOLOGY UPGRADES. This project includes 100 new laptops to enhance online learning, costing $125,000.

NORTH BROOKLYN PEDESTRIAN SAFETY AND PUBLIC SPACE IMPROVEMENTS. This multisite project includes constructing curb extensions and permanent plazas in Williamsburg. Pedestrian safety will be improved by shortening crossing distances and calming vehicular traffic. This project will cost $300,000.

MARIA HERNANDEZ PARK DOG RUN UPGRADES. As the only formal dog run in Bushwick, this is the first installment of upgrades to the park, costing $300,000.

PS81Q ANNEX HALLWAYS RENOVATION. The funds for this project will enable the school to renovate hallway following to benefit 3K, Pre-k and Kindergarten students, improving safety and a positive learning environment, costing $150,000.