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District 34

Jennifer Gutiérrez

Williamsburg, South Williamsburg, East Williamsburg, Bushwick (West), Bushwick (East), Ridgewood

What is Participatory Budgeting?

Participatory Budgeting (PB) is a democratic process in which community members directly decide how to spend part of a public budget. District 34 and community members suggested over 80 ideas to improve the district and we narrowed it down to 8 projects to vote on to be funded in the upcoming City Council budget.

2024 (FY25) Projects on the Ballot:

Voting Locations



Grover Cleveland Park– 396 Grandview Ave, Flushing

4/6 & 4/13: 11am – 1pm

Fenix Car Service 586 Seneca Avenue, Brooklyn

4/12: 1pm-3pm

Myrle Avenue and Wyckoff Plaza

4/12: 12pm-3pm

Maria Hernandez Park (outside of comfort station) – 92 Irving Ave, Brooklyn

4/6 & 4/13: 11am – 1pm

Moore Street Market – 110 Moore St, Brooklyn

4/10: 11am-1pm

Epiphany Playground – S 9 St & Berry St, Brooklyn

4/6: 11am-1pm

4/9: 1pm-3pm

Williams Plaza – 325 Roebling St, Brooklyn

4/8 11am-1pm

William Sheridan Playground – Wythe Ave & Grand St, Brooklyn

4/12: 1pm-3pm

4/13: 11am-1pm

Council Member Gutierrez District Office – 244 Union Ave, Brooklyn

4/8-4/11: 10am-5pm

El Puente Williams Plaza – 323 Roebling Street, Brooklyn

4/8-4/12: 10am-6pm

4/13: 10am-5pm

El Puente Independence towers – 114 Taylor Street, Brooklyn

4/8-4/12: 10am-9pm

4/13: 10am-5pm

El Puente HQ – 211 S 4th, Brooklyn

4/8-4/12: 10am-6pm

El Puente Berry Street– 69 S 10th Street, Brooklyn

4/6 & 4/13: 10am-5pm

4/8-4/11: 10am-6pm

El Puente Taylor Wythe – 80 Clymer Street, Brooklyn

4/8-4/12: 10am-9pm

El Puente Bushwick Center – 311 Central Ave., Brooklyn

4/8-4/12: 10am-6pm

How Does It Work?

Idea Collection and Volunteer Recruitment

October – November 10th [DONE]
Through community meetings, residents brainstorm ideas and recruit Budget Delegates for the current cycle. Submit ideas here:

Proposal Development

November– March [HAPPENING NOW]
Budget Delegates transform ideas into full proposals, with support from city agencies and staff. Delegates narrow down proposals and select projects that meet the needs of the community.

GOTV and Vote Week

Vote week is April 6th to April 14th! 
Once proposals have been determined, Budget Delegates and residents get out the vote and prepare for a nine-day community vote.

Evaluation and Planning

May – June
Winning projects are included in New York City’s upcoming fiscal year budget.

Last years winners!