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District 34

Antonio Reynoso

Williamsburg, Bushwick, Ridgewood

Antonio Reynoso is the Council Member for the 34th District, representing parts of Bushwick, Ridgewood, and Williamsburg. Antonio was born and raised in the Southside of Williamsburg to parents who emigrated from the Dominican Republic. He is currently serving his second term in office, and throughout this time, he has been committed to improving quality of life within the district while advancing progressive, bold legislation citywide.

Antonio has served as Chair of the Sanitation Committee for both of his terms. In this role, Antonio has passed legislation to cap the amount of trash handled by overburdened districts like North Brooklyn and implement a citywide commercial waste zoning system. This system will comprehensively address the private carting industry’s poor labor and sustainability standards by requiring companies to comply with stringent safety and environmental practices.

Aside from his chairmanship, Antonio is a leader in efforts to address socio-economic and racial disparities citywide, improve our land use process, and increase use of transportation alternatives. Antonio’s achievements include passing The Right to Know Act, which requires the NYPD to notify civilians of their right to refuse a consent search; advocating for the City Council Charter Revision Commission to adopt a comprehensive plan to better guide land use decision making;