On behalf of Council District 45, I would like to share my warmest greetings and congratulations today to the Jamaican diaspora on the 59th anniversary of Jamaican independence. This year’s Independence Day is being celebrated under the theme “stronger together.”

August 6th is not only a celebration of freedom from colonial rule, but also a recognition of Jamaica’s enormous cultural contributions to the global stage — from the songs of Bob Marley to the gold medals of Usain Bolt. Appropriately, this summer marks yet another triumph of Jamaican athletes at the Olympics, including Jamaica’s women sweeping the medals in the 100-meter dash. New York City, in particular, would not be the culturally vibrant place it is without our extraordinary Jamaican American community!

On this celebratory occasion, I wish the Jamaican people much prosperity in the years ahead.

Farah N. Louis 

Council Member, District 45