In this season of gratitude and generosity, I am thankful for the extraordinary experiences we have shared over the past several months as family, friends, neighbors, and New Yorkers.

During an unprecedented pandemic, we rallied behind our frontline and essential workers who propelled this city forward. Residents and small business owners came together to offer a helping hand during such difficult times.  

Recognizing the increasing food security, many of us stepped up to fill in the gap by providing fresh meals weekly. As the holiday season approaches, social distancing mandates and travel restrictions have altered our family traditions. 

It’s about more than just a turkey! Our annual Thanksgiving Turkey distribution was different this year. In addition to the coveted fresh or frozen bird, visitors received free COVID-19 safety kits that came equipped with masks and other important PPE. It was an opportunity to give back to families struggling during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Also, a time to reconnect with community leaders, support local businesses’ efforts, and ensure our community had a Thanksgiving celebration that they would remember for all the right reasons.

Thank you for your labor of love and acts of kindness, which continues to spread joy at a time when we need it the most! I wish all who celebrate a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving Day.