BROOKLYN, NY — NYC Council Member Farah N. Louis (D-Brooklyn) released the following statement after U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was accosted and called a sexist slur by Florida GOP Representative Ted Yoho on the steps of Capitol Hill.


“Every woman can recall a story where someone— a colleague, customer, or supervisor— made them feel belittled, ostracized, or threatened at work. Workplace harassment affects everyone, and we all have a collective responsibility to identify and eradicate it. I, myself have experienced misogynistic, toxic aggression from men in the workplace and my community, who, instead of celebrating my achievements and respecting my agility and passion to lead, preferred to defame my character and impose their fears and discomfort.

“The misogynistic and racist abuse Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endured in her workplace at the hands of her colleague Representative Ted Yoho must not be tolerated. As a fellow New York elected officials and a woman of color, I condemn Rep. Yoho’s blatant display of disrespect and abusive behavior.”