BROOKLYN, NY — Today, Council Member Farah N. Louis (D-BROOKLYN) issued the following statement after Christian Cooper asked Amy Cooper to put her dog on a leash as per park regulations. Moments later, Ms. Cooper made a 911 call falsely claiming that an African-American man was threatening her life in Central Park.


“When individuals like Amy Cooper feel that they can make frivolous 911 calls, we must continue to further evaluate how our justice system determines criminality – especially when innocent lives are put in danger. 

“Christian Cooper was a responsible, concerned citizen who asked Ms. Cooper to place her dog on a leash to abide by the rules in Central Park to ensure the public’s safety. He did nothing wrong, and yet he could have easily become one of the countless Black and brown people who have been wrongfully accused, arrested, imprisoned, and killed by police. 

“We live in a society where law enforcement has been weaponized against Black and brown people who have been villainized for engaging in normal everyday activities. 

“While our community continues to grapple with the constant onset of trauma, we cannot simply dismiss Ms. Cooper’s actions or hear public statements from the NYPD stating that they have ‘bigger fish to fry.’ These words belittle the fatal consequences that we have seen in cities across this nation, including right here in our own backyard. We cannot lose sight that all it takes is one phone call to initiate a series of events that could lead to a potentially fatal police encounter.

“Ms. Cooper’s actions were wrong and deceptive. Her abuse of taxpayer resources for personal gain highlights the lack of impartiality in our justice system which has historically marginalized Black and brown people. We need swift action by legislators and the district attorneys to set a precedent that such individuals will be held accountable. 

“A city as culturally diverse as ours cannot afford to take this issue lightly when black and brown communities continue to live in fear for their own safety – both in their homes and our city streets,” said Council Member Farah N. Louis.