“Friday’s incident near Midwood High School and Brooklyn College at the intersection of Bedford Avenue and Campus Road is another area where a string of car crashes have occurred in our community. This demonstrates the urgent need for the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) to prioritize street improvements in this area to avoid anyone else getting hurt. I am deeply concerned for the safety of our residents, especially after I made a request weeks ago for speed reduction measures to be implemented and the request is still pending DOT approval. Less than 24 hours before this incident, a constituent reiterated the same concerns regarding speeding along Bedford Avenue, prompting us to revise our prior request to expand the area for consideration. We depend on our constituents to share any intersection, block, or street that endangers public safety. This is an academic community where everyone, particularly our students, should not have to fear for their lives when crossing an intersection. Thankfully, no one sustained any life-threatening injuries from this incident, however, I am once again calling on DOT to expedite our requests for speed reduction and safety measures that will ultimately improve public safety,” said Council Member Farah N. Louis.