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District 5

Julie Menin

East Midtown-Turtle Bay, United Nations, Upper East Side-Lenox Hill-Roosevelt Island, Upper East Side-Carnegie Hill, Upper East Side-Yorkville

An attorney and civic leader with over two decades of experience in the public and private sectors, Julie Menin most recently served as the City’s Census Director achieving a historic result where NYC finished number one of all major cities. She has served as Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Affairs and Commissioner of Media and Entertainment. She previously served as a Columbia adjunct professor teaching on city and state government, preemption, and home rule.

She is a proud mom and honored to represent the Upper East Side, the district where her mother and grandmother settled – in the area known as Little Hungary – after escaping from Hungary and surviving the Holocaust. Julie resides in Yorkville with her husband and children. She currently co-chairs the Women’s Caucus and serves as chair of the NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection.

As the 2020 New York City Census Director, Julie led a historically successful effort as New York City gained more population than any city in America. Her leadership was responsible for ensuring that New York City receives its fair share of over $1.5 trillion in federal funding for public schools, affordable housing, healthcare, infrastructure, and other vital programs.