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District 31

Selvena N. Brooks-Powers

Arverne, Brookville, Edgemere, Jamaica (parts), Far Rockaway, Laurelton, Rosedale, Springfield Gardens (parts)

Selvena N. Brooks-Powers represents the 31st City Council District, which includes the communities of Arverne, Brookville, Edgemere, Laurelton, Springfield Gardens, Rosedale, and Far Rockaway. She is the first-ever Black woman to serve as Majority Whip of the City Council as well as Chair of its Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

Selvena has devoted her time at the Council to ensuring Southeast Queens and the eastern end of the Rockaway Peninsula have equitable access to city resources. She has directed tens of millions of capital and discretionary toward infrastructure and community-based programs in her district, including for schools, parks, firehouses, and so much more. She continues to fight for resources for a community that has been too long underserved by the city. She worked, for example, to secure $95 million in restoration funding for the 116th Precinct, and continues to advocate for the construction of certified trauma center on the Rockaway Peninsula.

A dedicated public servant for 20 years and lifelong resident of Southeast Queens, Selvena Brooks-Powers is the proud daughter of immigrant parents and devoted to fighting for what’s right and delivering results. As a community organizer, Selvena drove high-impact initiatives on critical issues, including education, voting rights and empowerment, racial and economic justice, relief efforts post-Hurricane Katrina, M/WBE opportunities, and workers’ rights.