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District 8

Diana Ayala

El Barrio/East Harlem, Mott Haven, Highbridge, Concourse, Longwood, Port Morris

Benefits & Support


ACCESS NYC is a website that allows New Yorkers to screen for potential eligibility for over 30 City, State, and Federal benefit programs.

To screen for benefits, you answer a set of questions on the website. Then you will see a list of programs for which you may be eligible.

You can also:

  • Learn how to apply
  • Print out application forms
  • Learn which documents are required to apply
  • Search for agency locations where you can go to directly apply for services

ACCESS NYC does not start your application process automatically. Once you screen for benefit programs, you must follow the instructions on ACCESS NYC to learn how to apply for the programs. The agencies that administer each program will make the final eligibility determination.

ACCESS NYC is mobile-friendly, available in 11 languages, and accessible via screen readers.