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District 19

Vickie Paladino

Auburndale, Bay Terrace, Bayside, Beechhurst, College Point, Douglaston, Flushing, Little Neck, Malba, Whitestone

Vickie Paladino represents District 19 of Northeast Queens, which includes Whitestone, College Point, Bayside, Little Neck, Douglaston, and parts of North Flushing. Elected in 2021 on a platform promising to deliver change and transparency to her district, Vickie works every single day to hold our leaders accountable and protect the interests of her constituents.

Vickie was born in Whitestone to working-class parents. Her father, a WWII veteran, passed away when she was only six years old, leaving her mother to raise her three sisters and one brother alone. She learned at an early age the value of family and community, especially during hard times. Before entering politics, she spent nearly 40 years raising a family and running two small businesses in the district, eventually becoming a renowned community activist, well known for standing up to the radical political elements who threaten to tear our city apart. Her constituents value her common sense and direct style, as well as her genuine commitment to the community she spent her entire life in.

Vickie’s legislative priorities emphasize public safety and support for the NYPD, the preservation of our quality of life, education, support for small business, and holding our government and representatives accountable.

Vickie Paladino 代表東北皇后區的第19 區,包括 Whitestone白石鎮,College Point大學點、Bayside貝賽、Little Neck小徑、Douglaston道格拉斯頓和North Flushing北法拉盛的地區。 在2021年紐約市普選時,Vickie被選為19區市議員。她許諾將為社區提供一個改革和透明的平台。Vickie每一天都在努力工作,以此盡領導的責任,保護她所在選區選民的利益。

Vickie 出生在白石鎮,父母是工薪階層。她的父親是一名二戰老兵,在她六歲時去世,留下母親獨自一人扶養了三個姐妹和一個兄弟。她從小就懂得家庭和社區的重要性,尤其是在困苦時期。在介入政界之前, 她花了近40年的時間養家餬口,並且在本地經營了兩家小企業,最終成為著名的社區活動家。針對要撕裂我們城市的政治激進分子,她以挺身而出相對而出名。地區選民珍愛她的常理價值觀,讚賞她直言不諱的性格,以及對她生活了一輩子社區的真誠承諾。

Vickie 的立法優先事項重在支持公共安全和紐約警察NYPD,支持小商業和教育的發展,保存我們的生活質量,監督政府以及其代表的責任。