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District 25

Shekar Krishnan

Jackson Heights, Elmhurst, East Elmhurst, Woodside

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April 2024

April 9th

PB Newsflash

March 2024

March 31st

Welcome Lunch with NICE

March 25th

March 18th

School Lunches Restored

March 5th

February 2024

Winter Watch/Schools Closed

February 12th

February 5th

January 2024

January 28th

The Fight for our Parks

January 15th

Parks Opportunity Program Saved

January 6th

December 2023

First Term Recap

December 22nd

December 17th

Fighting for New Yorkers

December 10th

December 3rd

November 2023

November 29th

November 19th

November 11th

November 3rd

October 2023

October 27th

October 20th

October 15th

PB Newsflash

October 6th

October 1st

September 2023

Flash Flood Warning

September 22nd

September 18th

September 8th

September 1st

August 2023

August 25th

August 15th

August 7th

July 2023

July 31st

July 25th

July 15th

My Vote

July 7th

June 2023

Air Quality Notification

June 24th

June 17th

June 9th

June 3rd

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May 24th

May 16th

May 9th

May 2nd

April 2023

April 25th

April 19th

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