Lower Manhattan, NY – New York City Council Member Shekar Krishnan joined gun control and safe streets advocates to call for “Gun Free Open Streets” across the city, on the same day that an appeals court heard challenges to the New York State law that created gun-free zones across the state last year. Council Member Krishnan, alongside representatives from Gays Against Guns, Open Plans, the 34th Avenue Open Streets Coalition, and the Friends of 34th Avenue Linear Park urged Mayor Adams to immediately designate the city’s open streets as gun-free zones under New York State’s Concealed Carry Improvement Act, which bars firearms in public schools, libraries, parks, and other public places. According to the CDC, firearms are the leading cause of death in children nationwide, followed by motor vehicles.

“Guns and cars are the two leading causes of death for children in this country. New York City families mourn hundreds of lives lost each year to senseless shootings and car crashes. Like our parks, schools, and libraries, we must keep our streets free of firearms and safe for our families. We urge the Mayor to immediately designate all open streets across the city as official ‘gun-free zones,'” said Shekar Krishnan, Council Member for the 25th District.

“The Supreme Court may not have an issue with it, but here in Queens, we will not accept a world where our streets and sidewalks are teeming with triggers ready to be pulled. That goes for our Open Streets too, as the entire point of their existence is to create a safe, healthy environment for families seeking to enjoy their communities as best they can,” said Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr. “Adding our Open Streets to the state’s list of sensitive locations under the Concealed Carry Improvement Act is a common-sense move that will keep families safe, and I’m proud to join with fellow gun violence prevention advocates in calling on our government partners to do just that.”

“Open Streets are invaluable community spaces; they must feel safe, inclusive, and free from violence of any kind. Open Plans is proud to stand with Council Member Krishnan and others to ensure our streets are safe, enriching spaces for everyone,” said Jackson Chabot, Director of Advocacy and Organizing at Open Plans.”As a resident of Jackson Heights and an organizer for Paseo Park, I believe our community deserves a safe corridor free from gun violence and vehicular violence, two of the leading causes of death among New Yorkers,” said Luz Maria Mercado, Co-founder of Friends of 34th Avenue Linear Park.