Press Releases

Statement by Speaker Corey Johnson Re: Ramadan

“As Muslims across New York City and around the world mark the start of Ramadan, I extend my best wishes for a blessed month of fasting and prayer.  For many, Ramadan is a time to slow down, to hit the pause button, and to be intentional about our actions. While fasting from sunrise to sunset, Muslim communities uphold some of the same values that all New Yorkers hold dear: community, gratitude, charity, and above all, dignity and respect.  READ MORE

Speaker Corey Johnson and Majority Leader Laurie Cumbo Announce Groundbreaking Mother’s Day Bills

Comprehensive Legislative Package Will Support All Parents, Caregivers, Relative Caregivers, Kinship Guardians, and Foster Parents

City Hall, NY – In and effort to provide continued support to working parents and caregivers, Majority Leader Laurie Cumbo and Speaker Corey Johnson this week introduced legislation in time for Mother’s Day that will support all parents, caregivers, relative caregivers, kinship guardians, and foster parents. READ MORE

Council to Vote on Fire and Emergency Safety Bill Package

Council to also vote on package of resolutions calling on the New York State Legislature to act on rent regulations

City Hall – Today, the New York City Council will vote on a package of fire and emergency safety bills. The Council was prompted to introduce legislation to address fire safety after a series of Bronx fires in late December and early January that resulted in 15 deaths and 29 injuries. READ MORE

Speaker Corey Johnson and 19 Members of the New York City Council Introducing Package of Bills to Eliminate Lead Poisoning

Biggest Overhaul to City Lead Laws Since 2004

City Hall, NY – In a groundbreaking effort to eliminate childhood lead poisoning in the five boroughs, the City Council on Wednesday will introduce a package of legislation that strengthens, expands and establishes new protections on the city’s lead laws. The proposal is the largest single overhaul of lead laws in 14 years. READ MORE

Statement by Speaker Corey Johnson on Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

“This kind of violent behavior towards women is reprehensible. New Yorkers deserve and expect more from their Attorney General, who as the state’s chief law enforcement officer has an obligation to uphold the law. Eric Schneiderman must step down immediately.”



Statement by Speaker Corey Johnson on Plan for Overdose Prevention Centers

“The Council has been a leader in the push to bring these centers to New York City, and we thank Mayor de Blasio for taking this brave, important and necessary step. Too many people have died from opioids and heroin. These sites will save lives and connect addicts with treatment options and trained professionals that could lead them to recovery. READ MORE

Joint Statement by Councilmembers Justin Brannan, Steven Matteo, Joseph Borelli, Paul Vallone, Barry Grodenchik, and Mark Gjonaj on FY 2019 Executive Budget

“We are extremely disappointed that in the $89 billion budget Mayor de Blasio unveiled Thursday there is no property tax relief to help seniors, retirees, working and middle class families who are struggling to make ends meet, as their taxes have skyrocketed and their incomes have stagnated.

There also is no indication of how this administration intends to address the glaring inequities of a property tax system that charges the owner of a modest home in our districts more than the owner of a multi-million dollar brownstone in Park Slope. READ MORE

Joint Statement by Speaker Corey Johnson, Finance Chair Daniel Dromm and Chair of the Subcommittee on Capital Budget Vanessa Gibson on FY 2019 Budget

“Though we are disappointed that the Mayor’s proposed budget does not address all the priorities laid out by the City Council, we are encouraged by the close to $1 billion in additional revenue expected in FY18. When combined with the efficiencies and savings the Council has already found in our FY19 budget response, this revenue has the potential to go a long way towards our goals of strengthening the social safety net, fighting for the middle class, and being responsible with taxpayer money. READ MORE

Statement by Speaker Corey Johnson Re: SCOTUS Muslim Ban Oral Arguments

“It is unconscionable that because of Trump’s Muslim ban, families are being ripped apart and communities are suffering. As the United States Supreme Court hears oral arguments on this racist policy, we want to be clear that the Muslim ban in its intent and effect is Islamophobic, it is illogical and it must be deemed unconstitutional.  As part of our duties as elected officials, the Council will continue to speak out and reject the targeting of Muslim sisters and brothers solely based on their faith, and we will never shut our doors to the vulnerable and refugees who need our help. READ MORE