Press Releases

Speaker Corey Johnson and Higher Education Committee Chair Inez Barron Announce $600,000 in Funding Toward CUNY Childcare Initiative

Funding covers support for childcare at CUNY colleges throughout the five boroughs

New York, NY – New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson joined Higher Education Committee Chair Inez Barron today to announce the New York City Council’s $600,000 investment for the CUNY Childcare Initiative, which was created to address the needs of 1,500 children and 1,461 student-parents juggling parenthood and continuing their education. READ MORE

Speaker Corey Johnson Announces Support for Legislation to Empower Parents by Establishing a Default Beverage Standard in Children’s Meals

City Hall, NY – Speaker Corey Johnson on Thursday announced he is championing legislation to establish water, milk or 100 percent juice as the default beverage options in children’s meals sold in New York City. This legislation will promote healthier choices for children, which is a priority for the Council, while giving parents the ability to choose what is best for their children. READ MORE

Statement by Speaker Corey Johnson Re: Celebration of Eid al-Adha

“Today, the city’s Muslim community begins its celebration of Eid al-Adha, one of the holiest holidays in the Muslim calendar. The values this day upholds, the values of service and sacrifice, are universal and are values all of us should aspire to. Eid Mubarak!”



City Council Speaker Corey Johnson and Immigration Committee Chair Carlos Menchaca Send Open Letter to the Trump Administration Calling For More Information on Families Awaiting Reunification

City Hall, NY – City Council Speaker Corey Johnson and Council Member Carlos Menchaca, Chair of the Council’s Committee on Immigration, released a letter this week requesting that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Attorney General’s Office release information on the status of families who have been affected by the Administration’s family separation policy implemented earlier this year. READ MORE

Statement by Speaker Corey Johnson Re: Anniversary of Charlottesville

“One year ago, America saw the images of senseless violence that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia and watched with shame as an American president failed to condemn outright bigotry. These demonstrations empowered those who align themselves with white supremacists and those filled with hatred. That is not who we are as a nation. Heather Heyer bravely stood up to the injustice over that fateful weekend and showed what our country really is: a melting pot filled with Americans who welcome others with open arms, regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation or political beliefs. READ MORE

Council to Vote to Regulate the For-Hire Vehicle Industry

Council will also vote on legislation requiring tobacco retail licenses

City Hall – Today, the New York City Council will vote on a package of bills aiming to regulate the for-hire vehicle industry. In addition, the Council will vote on a bill to require tobacco retail licenses. The Council will also vote to co-name a street in Brooklyn in honor of Jean-Jacques Dessalines. READ MORE

New York City Council and De Blasio Administration Announce New Effort to Confront Taxi and FHV Service Refusals

New office will address refusals of service by taxis and FHVs that affect people of color and outer borough residents in New York

NEW YORK – City Council Speaker Corey Johnson and Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced the creation of a new office within the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission, the sole purpose of which is to ensure that all passengers receive the service they expect, and to which they are legally entitled. READ MORE

Statement by Council Speaker Corey Johnson on School Zone Speed Cameras

“I am sick to my stomach that Republicans in the State Senate are really about to let lifesaving speed cameras shut down because of politics. This should be a no brainer – we’re talking about the safety of children. Senate Republicans need to immediately return to Albany, do their jobs, and extend and expand the school zone speed camera program. READ MORE