“Today marks 51 years since the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling that guaranteed the federally protected right to safe and legal abortion. The decades-long ability to make our own reproductive health choices is an essential human right of self-determination. Since that right was stripped from Americans in 2022, we have seen the harm it has caused for women and birthing people. In New York, abortion rights are protected by state law, and we will remain a safe haven for all people seeking abortion care. Our historic women-majority Council has passed life-saving legislation expanding access to medication abortion at city-run sexual health clinics and invested a record $1 million in annual municipal funds to expand access to abortion care for those who cannot afford it. New York City continues to demonstrate how local governments across the nation can and must take bold action to ensure truly accessible abortion care and defend reproductive freedom for everyone. This is proof that representation matters, and we will continue to advocate for reproductive rights for New Yorkers and throughout the country.”