City Hall, NY – Today, Speaker Adams joined Mayor Eric Adams for the signing of her Fair Housing Framework legislation into law. The bill, sponsored by Speaker Adams, would require the City to establish targeted housing production goals for each Community District to ensure each New York City neighborhood plays an equitable role in addressing the city’s housing crisis, while accounting for unique community needs. The City will produce an assessment of long-term citywide housing needs, five-year housing production targets for each local community district, and a report on the obstacles and strategies to achieve them. The plan would also focus on the production and preservation of affordable housing, anti-displacement resources, and neighborhood investments for under-served communities.

“Today is a historic day, with my Fair Housing Framework being signed into law, providing another tool to help the City confront our housing crisis through bold and equitable solutions that ensure every community contributes to housing production,” said Speaker Adrienne Adams. “My Fair Housing Framework legislation will help create a plan that is a foundation for building and preserving housing, prioritizing affordability, and improving access to neighborhood investments and resources. By setting the expectation that every community must help address the housing crisis, the law will establish an important tool of transparency and accountability for solving our housing crisis. I thank my Council colleagues, advocates, and labor unions for their strong support of this critical legislation, and Mayor Adams for signing it into law.”

“For far too long, government has let restrictive laws and zoning rules keep us from building the housing New Yorkers need,” said Mayor Eric Adams. “I am proud to stand side-by-side with Speaker Adams to fight the factors that have contributed to housing discrimination and inequality — together with our ‘City of Yes’ plan, the Fair Housing Framework will help right some of the great wrongs of our city’s history. I look forward to our continued partnership with Speaker Adams and the City Council to fight the city’s untenable housing and affordability crisis.”

“Safe and permanent housing, and especially affordable housing, is foundational to the well-being of our city,” said Deputy Speaker Diana Ayala. “As someone who has experienced homelessness firsthand, no one should have to go through that ordeal. Right now, the lack of available and affordable housing threatens the stability of our communities and curbs our full potential as a society. As a Council, we are doubling down on addressing this crisis head-on. Speaker Adams’ Fair Housing Framework is an important bill that will advance our collective efforts to produce what New Yorkers need, and I’m proud to support its signing.”

“New York City faces an acute housing crisis, and we must pursue an all-of-the-above approach that increases housing production, preserves existing affordable housing, and is accessible to all,” said Majority Leader Keith Powers. “The Fair Housing Framework will help us achieve these goals and I encourage the City Council to prioritize its passage. I also applaud Speaker Adams for recognizing the importance of this issue and her leadership in addressing it.” 

“From investing in the Right to Counsel to expanding access to rental assistance vouchers, Speaker Adams has risen to the challenges of our housing crisis,” said Council Member Shaun Abreu. “As we all know, the most immediate task at hand is to increase housing supply. Speaker Adams’ Fair Housing Framework does just that, making way for vital housing production while ensuring that new developments are consistent with community needs. It is ambitious, it is thoughtful, and it is exactly the course of action our city needs.” 

“This year, only 11,000 new units were added to the housing market – which is far below the amount needed to sustain our growing population and dent the housing crisis,” said Council Member Erik Bottcher. “We can and must do far better than this. The lack of affordable housing is the most central crisis facing our City. The decisions we make about housing today will decide New York’s future prosperity. Establishing a fair housing framework in New York City begins to address the urgent and escalating crisis of affordable housing in our city. It is imperative that we not only expand housing opportunities but also do so in an equitable manner, ensuring that every neighborhood and community in New York City has access to quality, affordable housing. Speaker Adams’ plan is a critical step forward in building a more just and inclusive city for all New Yorkers.” 

“I am proud to be a co-sponsor of the Speaker’s Fair Housing Framework to guide our City’s housing growth with equity and care,” said Council Member Amanda Farias. “Under Speaker Adams leadership, this Council is committed to ensuring every corner of our five boroughs contributes to addressing our City’s housing crisis. Equally as important, we are dedicated to increasing the preservation of truly affordable housing, anti-displacement resources, and neighborhood investments for underserved communities. I thank the Speaker for her leadership and look forward to voting in support of this bill today.” 

“For far too long, creating affordable housing in New York City hasn’t been a priority for our City government. But today, this Council has proven that we are committed to creating housing for all New Yorkers, not just the rich and powerful,” said Council Member Shahana Hanif. “The Fair Housing Framework is a historic step forward in ending decades of housing policy that has punished working-class families and benefited rich developers. I’m proud to support Speaker Adams’ real efforts to ensure we’re advancing housing policy that puts the needs of every New Yorker front and center.”

“This City has needed a plan like the Fair Housing Framework for a long time,” said Council Member Crystal Hudson. “It is a bold plan that centers the needs of some of our most vulnerable New Yorkers, while meaningfully addressing both housing production and preservation. I commend Speaker Adrienne Adams for addressing New York City’s housing crisis with real solutions and look forward to working with her and my colleagues to deliver affordable and accessible housing for all.”

“Now more than ever the City Council needs to lead on housing,” said Council Member Sandy Nurse. “With evictions skyrocketing and an increasing number of households rent burdened, Speaker Adams’ Fair Housing Framework is a necessary bill that will help us set and meet citywide housing goals to alleviate these pressures. The Fair Housing Framework will take a citywide approach to the housing question and will ensure that both affordability and equity are the focus of our production strategies. I commend the Speaker on her leadership on this issue and am confident that this bill will help end homelessness and housing precarity in our City.”

“While housing is undoubtedly a fundamental human right, our city remains entrenched in an enduring housing crisis. True equity in this matter will only be achieved by establishing sustainable solutions for communities facing persistent challenges. It’s crucial that we create diverse opportunities for fair housing options, offering a range of choices for our community members,” said Council Member Althea Stevens. “I’m happy to stand in solidarity with my colleagues, and thankful for Madame Speaker’s dedication for demanding equity citywide and ensuring we are all doing our part, as our collaborative efforts are essential in addressing our city’s housing crisis.”

“As the Chair of the Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises, I am thrilled to celebrate the successful passage of Speaker Adams’ Fair Housing Framework,” said Council Member Kevin C. Riley, Chair of the Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises. “This achievement is a testament to the power of partnership, where the unwavering support from advocates like ANHD and the New York Housing Conference, alongside the dedicated backing of unions such as 32BJ SEIU and Laborers Local 79, has propelled this critical legislation forward. In the face of New York City’s housing crisis, this bill stands as a beacon of hope, addressing the pressing need for affordable, supportive, and senior housing. I am eager to continue partnership with my colleagues to champion this crucial issue, ensuring that every New Yorker has access to safe, affordable housing. We unite in our commitment to enact change, to ensure that every New Yorker has a place to call home, and that our great city thrives with equity, sustainability, and shared responsibility.” 

“Access to quality affordable housing is one of the biggest issues that New Yorkers are facing today,” said Council Member Rafael Salamanca Jr, Chair of the Committee on Land Use. “While my district has proudly built the most affordable housing units over the last ten years, we cannot solve the City’s affordable housing crisis alone. So, I am grateful to my City Council colleagues for approving Speaker Adrienne Adams’ Fair Housing Framework legislation that will work to finally lift this burden off of their shoulders. With this bill, a framework for a new and more comprehensive approach to building equitably across the city has been provided that will ensure an increase in affordable housing production in every Borough of our great City.” 

“Cities and their residents thrive only when housing is accessible, affordable, and available to everyone. Unfortunately, for too long, New York City has failed to produce enough housing that aligns with both our population growth and equity needs. These factors have led us to the severe housing crisis we are currently experiencing, which creates other serious affordability and livability challenges for New Yorkers,” said Council Member Jennifer Gutiérrez. “This legislation will help deepen affordability, increase the preservation of affordable housing, and invest in underserved communities. I am honored to be part of a City Council that is working to create a city that is built on principles of fairness, equity, and opportunity for all.” 

“We commend Mayor Adams for signing the important ‘Fair Housing Framework’ into law,” said Manny Pastreich, President of 32BJ. “With this bill, Speaker Adams and the City Council have provided an important tool to tackle New York’s affordability crisis that prioritizes sustainability and equity in our approach to new housing development. We are pleased that both the Mayor and the Speaker are standing in partnership to achieve those priorities. 32BJ looks forward to continue to partner with the Mayor, the Speaker and the Council in building a better New York that prioritizes affordable housing and the creation of family-sustaining jobs.”

“The Fair Housing Framework is a common-sense solution to one of New York’s perennial problems. Supply-and-demand is one of the basic tenets of economics,” said Mike Prohaska, Business Manager of the Mason Tenders’ District Council of Greater New York and Laborers Local 79. “This bill will address our pressing housing issues. New York City—being the greatest city in the world—is always in demand. To end our housing crisis, supply must meet demand. And every neighborhood in the city needs to be open to more housing. It’s reprehensible that a certain segment of our population considers affordable housing as something to be shunned. I applaud the City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams and Mayor Eric Adams for their courage, vision for the greater good of all New Yorkers!”

“The Fair Housing Framework law is an important step towards a more equitable and intentional approach to planning in New York City,” said Barika X. Williams, Executive Director of ANHD. “For decades, our planning systems have tended to reinforce longstanding racial and economic inequality. With the Fair Housing Framework law, we move towards the type of nuanced, holistic planning we need to tackle the affordability crisis head on, and enact a commitment to a future where all New Yorkers can thrive.”

“Now that Speaker Adrienne Adams’s Fair Housing Framework is signed into law, the City has taken a step forward for more equitable housing and addressing our housing supply,” said Rachel Fee, Executive Director of the New York Housing Conference. “We applaud Speaker Adams for her leadership on the issue. Neighborhood targets will hold the administration and the City Council accountable to build housing in every neighborhood.”