In response to the New York Court of Appeals’ ruling to uphold the legality of Local Law 66 of 2020, prohibiting the use of chokeholds and other actions that restrict the flow of air or blood by compressing the diaphragm while attempting an arrest, the New York City Council issued the following statement from a spokesperson, Rendy Desamours:

“Today’s decision from the New York Court of Appeals, affirming the Council’s enactment of legislation banning chokeholds and other forms of restraints during attempted arrests, is consistent with our goal to advance public safety. The Council passed Local Law 66 of 2020 to protect New Yorkers from being needlessly harmed by improper police restraints, and we are pleased to see the New York Court of Appeals unanimously uphold it. Now that litigation has concluded, we look forward to the continued enforcement of this law to keep New Yorkers safe.”