As Speaker Adrienne Adams participated in a Queens vigil today for the victims of attacks in Israel by Hamas and to call for lasting peace in the region, she released the following statement:

“My heart is heavy with sadness after the tragic and devastating attacks on Israel by Hamas over the weekend, and the continued violence inflicted on all civilians, women, and children – Israeli, Palestinian, and those of other nationalities. We must acknowledge the real fear and pain that many New Yorkers are feeling, especially those with family and friends in the region, as they watch these events unfold from afar. Violence tears families and communities apart, leaving behind pain and trauma that future generations will inherit. Escalating violence threatens to bring even more death and destruction upon civilians, and in this moment, it is critical that we recognize our shared humanity and collective desire for peace. Our way forward must be to insist that peace is possible and work together towards solutions that ensure the safety of all people, because everyone deserves to live safely, with dignity and security.”