“All levels of government must come together to share responsibility for the nation’s response to the dire humanitarian conditions that have led increasing numbers of people to seek asylum here. As this international crisis continues, New York City needs more support from our federal and state governments to provide and set up shelter locations and devote additional funding. Expedited federal work authorization is immediately needed to help our newest arrivals enter the workforce, achieve the self-sufficiency they desire, and contribute the benefits to our economy that we know are possible.

“To address the long-term drivers of our current challenges, the city, state and federal governments will have to collaboratively tackle the housing crisis and record homelessness impacting New York City. We must increase production of affordable housing and supportive housing and advance solutions that move people out of the shelter system through actions required of us as city officials, as well as those in Albany and Washington, D.C.

“New York City will continue to demonstrate compassion to help those seeking to establish a better life here, but we must do so while also ensuring that we are efficiently and effectively utilizing all resources in providing support. The Council will continue to advance partnership and solutions as the pathway towards stability and success for our city.”