“The Clean Slate Act can help provide an equitable boost to our communities, economy, and public safety by removing the barriers to employment, housing, education, and other economic opportunities for more than 2 million New Yorkers with an old conviction record. At a time when our city and state are recovering from the economic effects of the pandemic, this bill is estimated to generate over $7 billion more in state earnings and help address our workforce shortage. That’s why leaders in the government, business, civil rights, and labor sectors all support this common-sense legislation. When we clear the old legal records of those who are trying to move forward in their lives, we make our communities safer and the economy stronger by reducing recidivism and enhancing employment. New York can no longer afford to continue contributing to the approximately $80 billion in lost economic activity that our country experiences each year by excluding people with past convictions from the workforce. I fully support the State Legislature and Governor advancing this important reform.”