Speaker Adams released the following statement in response to the Queens District Attorney and NYPD’s announcement that 33 individuals have been indicted for more than 22 shootings in Southeast Queens:

“The devastating toll of gun violence disproportionately impacts families and communities, like mine in Southeast Queens, which have experienced far too many losses to bear. While we must never forget Aamir Griffin, Sean Vance, and countless others whose lives were cut short by violence, it is critical that we also not forget the surviving families and communities and ensuring their recovery and well-being.

“As a new Council Member at the time of Aamir’s death, I vividly remember responding alongside the 113th Precinct, Life Camp, and many other community organizations to the shooting outside Baisley Park Houses. We were all in tears as we collectively grieved his loss. Since Aamir’s death, our community has continuously come together to uplift his life and support his family.

“Violence leaves behind trauma that, if unaddressed, only perpetuates cycles of harm in our communities. Apart from the legal process, we must ensure the surviving families of violence have support and access to victim services so they can heal. My priority remains on ensuring victims and their families have what they need to recover. I thank Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz for her work to pursue accountability, and for not ignoring the victimization that our public safety systems can too often deprioritize in communities of color. Our community must continue to be focused on rooting out violence and healing trauma to make our families safer, an effort we will undertake with the many community stakeholders.”