“Our city’s workforce carried us through the pandemic and led us forward to a better and safer environment, with over 96 percent receiving the full COVID vaccination. As the mayoral administration announced the end of the vaccine mandate for municipal employees, we must be clear that vaccines are safe, effective, and save lives. Since November 2021, the vaccine mandate has made it possible for us to protect ourselves and others from severe illness and helped curb the spread of COVID-19. While 80% of New York City residents received their primary series of the COVID-19 vaccine, only 14% have received a bivalent dose, which shows us that we have more work to do as a city to increase awareness and access to updated vaccine shots. The path forward and the one that protected us was to listen to our public health professionals, and we encourage all New Yorkers to continue following that medical guidance: get fully vaccinated, receive a booster shot, wear a mask and get tested when appropriate, remain home if sick, and maintain good hand hygiene practices.”