In response to Mayor Adams referencing a letter his administration never delivered to the Council in his meeting with the New York Post editorial board that supposedly calls for 50% cuts to Council grants for non-profit organizations, the New York City Council released the following statement from a spokesperson.

“The Council has received no such letter from the administration. It’s disappointing that the Mayor’s word on a budget agreement seems to have decreasing value and he is attempting to renegotiate via the New York Post editorial board. At today’s hearing, the Council heard from numerous non-profit organizations filling the gaps of essential work for New Yorkers and asylum seekers in our communities without reimbursement from this administration – these are the recipients of Council funding. The mayor is starving city agencies of staff and resources, leaving non-profits to fill the gap without his support, and now he wants to take funding away from these non-profit service providers. When the mayor is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on for-profit contractors to construct tents that go unused but not investing in the non-profit organizations delivering services, it raises serious concerns. The Council will always prioritize New Yorkers and the organizations that serve them. We welcome the mayor sitting down with the Council to discuss the City’s overall budget priorities any day of the week.”