City Hall, NY With an expected increase of people seeking asylum arriving in New York City due to the end of Title 42, and the Council today convening the Committee of the Whole to hold a historic two-day hearing on the City’s response, Speaker Adrienne Adams released the following statement:

“Over the past several months, New York City has worked to pool its resources and accommodate the arrival of tens of thousands of new migrants. As a sanctuary city, we welcome our recent arrivals with open arms and will continue to utilize every tool at our disposal to ensure they can build safe, productive, and dignified lives. This requires improving coordination and support services in a sustained way that helps all New Yorkers, which is the focus of the Council’s two-day special hearing. With the imminent end of Title 42, we also must urgently prepare to meet the needs of more people seeking asylum who will likely arrive in our city over the coming days and weeks. New York City cannot do this alone and needs the full partnership and support of our state and federal government partners. The Council will continue to advocate that greater resources be provided to our city for this national and international humanitarian crisis, while prioritizing improved services and support for all New Yorkers, including newly-arrived migrants.”

Speaker Adams delivered opening remarks at the Council’s Committee of the Whole oversight hearing to examine the City’s response and delivery of services to migrants. A “Committee of the Whole” represents the entire Council and all of its committees.

The Speaker’s full remarks as prepared for delivery from today’s hearing are available here.