“Yesterday’s City Council hearing on legislation regarding solitary confinement was an important moment for our city. While the hearing was conducted professionally, what transpired at City Hall before the hearing was deeply troubling. The footage and reports of disrespectful actions, some directed at members of this body, are unacceptable and I am disappointed that this situation unfolded in the way it did. It was a disservice to a hearing that was largely respectful and furthered important policy conversations. This cannot be allowed to occur on the steps of City Hall in the future, and is frankly not suitable for any part of the city.

“Attacks and disrespect have no place in the conversation on our jail system and solitary confinement, or any of our public policy discussions. They move us further away from solutions that keep everyone safe by distracting from and obstructing important dialogue. The Council is committed to a comprehensive, respectful and thoughtful legislative process that yields laws to benefit and enhance the lives of all New Yorkers.”