City Hall, NY – In response to Mayor Adams announcing that his Executive Budget will include $171 million to establish more than 1,400 additional safe haven and stabilization beds, three additional drop-in centers with support services, along with increased street outreach, Speaker Adrienne Adams released the following statement.

“This $171 million investment in solutions that can better help support unhoused New Yorkers transition from homelessness is the right approach and a major step forward for our city,” said Speaker Adrienne Adams. Safe Havens, stabilization beds, and drop-in centers with health care services, along with care-centered street outreach, should be the consistent focus of the City’s efforts directed to our unsheltered neighbors. The Council is proud to have prioritized elevating the need for investments in these sound policies and practices, and applaud Mayor Adams for committing this level of resources to them in his Executive Budget. We look forward to continuing to partner with the administration to address the City’s challenge of homelessness by increasing affordable and supportive housing for New Yorkers.”

The Council’s Preliminary Budget Response called for $114 million to expand the number of safe haven and stabilization beds to over 4,000 and create three additional drop-in centers, as well as additional funds for street outreach. Mayor Adams’ planned Executive Budget investments meet these targets, while proposing to enhance services available at drop-in centers. Speaker Adams, Deputy Speaker and General Welfare Committee Chair Diana Ayala, Housing and Building Committee Chair Pierina Sanchez, and the Progressive Caucus recently highlighted the Council’s call for these increased investments as key components of its budget response plan to address homelessness.

Deputy Speaker Ayala released the following statement:

“The Council knows what works to address homelessness and has been laser focused in working to expand specific homeless services as key solutions to housing insecurity,” said Deputy Speaker Diana Ayala, Chair of the General Welfare Committee. “As someone who leads the General Welfare committee, not only do I hear from New Yorkers about the issues they have with housing and homelessness resources, I also know this firsthand having experienced homelessness myself. I’m thrilled that through the collaborative efforts of this Council and Administration, a historic $171 million investment will provide quality services and resources to so many New Yorkers in need. We as a city should continue to highlight the need for investments in housing and homelessness solutions if we want to solve these challenges faced by New Yorkers and our city. I want to thank Speaker Adams, Housing & Buildings Committee Chair Pierina Sanchez, and my Council colleagues for their unwavering support on this issue.”