Re: Assembly and Senate One-House Budget Resolutions 

City Hall, NY – “The one-house budgets from the Senate and Assembly move us closer to a final state budget that invests in strengthening New York’s communities to make them healthier and safer. We thank Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins, Speaker Heastie, and members in both houses for their leadership, providing critical attention to New York City as part of their efforts to advance investments for our entire state.  

We are particularly grateful for the attention to long-standing and significant cuts that New York City has faced in the state budget, including for the Close to Home program, Raise the Age, and preventive services, between their respective resolutions. The elimination of the sales tax intercept that has reduced City tax revenue without providing aid to our city’s hospital is critical, and would provide $1 billion for assistance to financially distressed or safety net hospitals.  

The recognition that we need to grow universal child care, invest in our schools and a New Deal for CUNY, while expanding mental health care, violence prevention, and housing stability, demonstrates a shared vision by New York’s leaders. We look forward to continuing our work with the Senate, Assembly and Governor to ensure the state budget meets the needs of our residents in New York City.”