“The plan outlined by the Mayor and Chancellor to reopen schools this September does little to alleviate parents’ concerns about child care for students when they are not physically in school. Abbreviated schedules and no afterschool means many parents can’t work. Sadly, we know that this will disproportionately hurt women who are too often pushed out of the workforce because they must choose between watching children or working. Not everyone has an understanding, flexible employer and the ad hoc plans released by the Department of Education (DOE) will fuel inequity if child care concerns are not addressed in a meaningful way.  I was pleased to hear that day care centers are allowed to open next week for our very young children, but we need a coordinated plan to keep all our children safe and healthy this fall. That is what working families need. The Council will continue to have conversations with the Administration, and I urge the Mayor and Chancellor to come up with innovative solutions to address child care options while prioritizing public health and safety.”