“The new public charge rule approved by the Trump Administration is yet another hateful and destructive policy proposal to attack immigrants, and it clearly goes against our City’s policies with regard to healthcare, housing, and nutrition. It will disproportionately impact low-income communities, particularly communities of color, forcing families to make the difficult decision to leave medical, food, or housing supports for fear of exacerbating immigration consequences. This is inhumane. In fact, since the rule was first leaked, we have already seen a drop in public benefits enrollment programs due to fear. This rule will be exceedingly detrimental to the City’s public health, decreasing access to healthcare, while simultaneously increasing poverty, homelessness, and hunger. It will also harm our local, state, and national economies. While there was overwhelming public outcry against this cruel proposal, the Trump Administration is moving forward with it, regardless of the severe consequences. The City remains committed to standing with our immigrant communities and fighting back against the effects of this rule.”