“It’s always important to remember those who came before you, and today the City Council remembers one of our own, Council Member James Davis. James was taken from us 15 years ago today in a shooting inside City Hall. His death is tragic for so many reasons, and the fact that it happened inside our city’s seat of government is a reminder that senseless gun violence can occur anywhere.

James Davis knew that and that is why he founded the Love Yourself Stop the Violence Foundation. Their work continues now as the James E. Davis Stop the Violence Foundation. I am glad Davis’s organization is still here, working every day to prevent needless violence in our communities.

Here at the City Council, Davis’s legacy also lives on. His name is etched above the door to the Members’ Lounge here in City Hall, and I think of him often. My thoughts and prayers, and the thoughts and prayers of my fellow Council Members, are with the family, friends and former colleagues of James Davis.”