“ICE has sunk to new lows of moral depravity. Contrary to their repeated claims that they pursue only those who are a threat to public safety, ICE agents are now targeting survivors of human trafficking, some of the most vulnerable New Yorkers. Stationing ICE agents inside New York’s courthouses is a shameful, predatory tactic that will make our City less safe and devastate the trust we have worked so hard to build in the immigrant community. It is time for Chief Judge DiFiore and Chief Administrative Judge Marks to take a stand and make it abundantly clear that they will not tolerate these abhorrent practices in our courthouses. The City Council remains committed to working with the courts to address this injustice. As we confront the realities of increased ICE enforcement and the uncertainty that brings, we must hold true to our values and continue to affirm that New York is and always will be a sanctuary city.”