“Seven years after the Affordable Care Act was passed, Republican leadership have finally done a service to the American people by withdrawing their reckless attempt at its repeal. Although likely only a temporary stopgap, over 20 million citizens who found healthcare coverage under the original law – many representing vulnerable communities of color or advanced age – will maintain their insurance for another day. For thousands of New Yorkers, this development also ensures continued access to the much-needed state Medicaid programs threatened by AHCA amendments. The relief being felt by millions of low- and middle-income individuals cannot be overstated, and today has been an undeniable victory for democratic ideals in our country. However, we know that this debate is far from over, and that we must continue to work to ensure that available coverage is comprehensive and affordable for the constituents it is meant to serve. If the goal of years of protestation from the right has been to provide a functional healthcare plan for all, then it is well-past time to prove it – and I look forward to seeing those in Washington, D.C. and Albany do just that.”