Speaker Quinn said: “In order to identify and combat elder abuse, we must do everything we can to ensure that some of our most vulnerable residents and those who provide services to them are well-informed about the issue. Older adults must know how to protect themselves and ways to access help. The City has resources available to prevent elder abuse and is committed to helping older adults live independently and with dignity, without the threat of neglect and mistreatment. Elder abuse is more common that we would like to think, and Elder Abuse Awareness Day serves as a way to spread the word that this despicable offense will not be tolerated.”

Council Member Lappin said: “Today, on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, we stand in solidarity with the victims of neglect and exploitation. We can all play a role in protecting our elderly family members, friends and neighbors. Resources including the City Council’s Elder Abuse Prevention brochure, the New York City Elder Abuse Network’s website http://www.nycean.net/, and 311 are available to teach New Yorkers how they can fight this crime.”