“Today, Governor Cuomo has taken an enormous step forward to end the stigmatization of poverty.

Governor Cuomo’s announcement that food stamp applicants in New York City will no longer be subjected to finger imaging sends the clear message to the tens of thousands of qualified New Yorkers who have been deterred from applying for assistance that receiving food stamps does not make you a criminal.

We’re extremely grateful to Governor Cuomo for enacting this vital change and are thrilled for the thousands of New Yorkers, including children and families, who will benefit from this policy.

For over a decade, finger imaging has been an unnecessary and duplicative process that has served as a senseless barrier keeping New Yorkers from receiving federal aid.

We are confident that the integrity of the food stamp program will be maintained and are pleased New Yorkers will no longer be forced to go through this process. Today is a tremendous victory for us all, and we thank Governor Cuomo for his action.”