Statement by Speaker Christine C. Quinn

“These latest assessments are a red flag for businesses and residential property owners alike that the administration of New York City’s property tax system by the Department of Finance is flawed. Businesses looking to come to New York City need to know that city agencies can administer taxes in a way that is correct and fair.

“The Council and Administration helped bring Google, the mecca of all tech companies, to New York City. Google made a long-term commitment to the City, and the very next year their property tax assessments jumped dramatically. Changes like this do not inspire confidence in the system.

“While the idea of modernizing the assessment system is a good one, it should be done carefully and not come at the expense of stability in the system.”

Statement by Finance Chair Domenic M. Recchia, Jr.

“How can we expect the taxpayers of New York City to trust their property tax assessment after the Department’s continuous parade of computer glitches, delays, and erratic assessments? I am taking the appropriate measures to determine the precise causes of the various malfunctions inherent in the property tax assessment process and will bring this issue to a hearing if need be. The taxpayers of our city deserve better service from our agencies and I will see to it that they get it,” said Councilman Recchia, Chair of the City Council’s Finance Committee.”

Statement by Council Member Mark S. Weprin

“This system is out of control and we’re going to have to make fundamental changes. Property owners throughout the city should not be blindsided each year by ridiculous assessments. We need a consistent system free of computer glitches that yields no surprises. ”